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Foreclosure as the name suggests means a situation in which a homeowner or a mortgager is unable to make payments of principal and/or interest payments on his or her mortgage, so the lender, be it a bank or financier, can confiscate and sell the property as per the...

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Buying a Home – How to Handle the Legal Documents

Shopping for a home can be a little more complicated than finding the property and the money to pay for it. Between you and the night you sip champagne on the porch of your newly acquired house lie mounds of paperwork, with very small print, and jargon that you...

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Before You Buy – Know the Area

One of the most important aspects of any home that you move into is, without a doubt; the area. Homes may look fantastic online, but there is always the possibility that the area this fantastic home is in may be less than desirable. Before you move to any new town,...

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Selling Your Property On Your Own in Lake Norman

Selling your property on your own, particularly with the intent to sell your house fast Lake Norman, is not for everyone.  But if you’re really determined to do the selling, you should know these critical factors that can help you attract the right buyers. Use Social...

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Tips To Improve Networking Success

Money woes are a very common part of the human condition. Which is why so many of us can understand feeling overwhelmed or finding ourselves in dire straits with no way out. The great news is, there are people who can help. Money worries are incredibly stressful....

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6 Things Keeping Home Buyers on the Fence

There is a group of potential homebuyers that are slow to pull the trigger when it comes to homeownership.  As an investor, it is only natural to want to tap into this buyer pool.  To do so, you have to understand the motivations these buyers have and what issues hold...

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