Close N30 Investment Properties, LLC is Lake Norman’s premiere real estate solutions company, and since our inception our motto has been to improve neighborhoods and communities – one house at a time.​​

Private Money Lending helps others recognize their dream home with secured returns

Become a Close N30 private money lender and join us in helping transform people’s lives with home ownership

FOR INVESTORS – success in any business requires a strong foundation in education, repeatable processes and systems backed by experience. The Close N30 Investment Properties team has invested tens of thousands of dollars in our education and we’ve implemented the same systems used by the team on A&E’s hit TV show “Flip This House”. But we don’t stop there, Tom, Lara and Caten continue to invest thousands annually to ensure we’re up to date on the latest trends and technology to ensure we’re implementing the best investing practices on each and every transaction.

Unlike those Hollywood generated house flipping shows, which give many people the idea that they can rehab a house, rehabbing (redeveloping as we call it) a house presents unique challenges – literally with each project. Having proven process and systems in place enables our team to avoid many of the costly mistakes that novice investors most assuredly will make. On top of that, we require every contractor who works on our team to complete what we call The Six Critical Contractor Documents.

Private money lenders are the heartbeat of our business. A Close N30 private money lender enables us to purchase at deep discounts with cash. Your investment is secured by the real estate all the while realizing double digit returns typically within eight months.

Straight up, we would not ask anyone to invest with us if we didn’t feel 100% confident in the investment ourselves.

We get to know each of our private lenders personally because it’s a long term relationship we’re looking for. Lara, Caten and I can personally show you how we evaluate our investment opportunities and when questions arise how we have access to a network of coaches specializing in residential and commercial investments.

Are you new to private lending or have questions? Our “Guide to Putting Your Money to Work”will help you understand:

  1. How private lending works and how you’re protected by U.S. law
  2. Eligibility, what types of retirement accounts and other assets that can be used to lend
  3. How Close N30’s proven buying, redeveloping and selling systems work.

Enter your information on our online form to get access to your own Close N30 Investment Properties “Guide to Putting Your Money to Work”.

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